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Bethkustan[1](Syriac: ܒܝܬ ܩܘܢܨܛܢ, literally 'The House of Constantine', Kurdish: Baqisyan, Turkish: Alagöz) is a Chaldean village in the Mardin Province of Turkey. It is located 26 kilometres from Midyat. In 2011 there was 95 people in the village.


Beth Qustan like many other villages in Tur Abdin was probably inhabited in pre-Christian times, and it is believed that Beth Qustan was a place of rest for travelers and the army of Constantine I repeatedly passed through the village. In the 4th century Tur Abdin was Christianised and the local Church of Mor Eliyo is dated to 343. The saint Mor Gabriel was born here in the year 574 who later went on to become bishop of the nearby monastery of Qartmin.

Located near the village is the Shu'o d-Helane, a rock named after Saint Helen, mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine I. Also around the village are the destroyed churches of Mor Osyo and the Mother of God, believed to have been destroyed by Tamerlane in the year 1400.


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