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Ma Baseema Chaldean Cookbook by CALC (Chaldean American Ladies of Charity)

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Chaldean and Armenian Books

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Armenian Food: Fact, Fiction & Folklore/2nd Edition; by Irina Petrosian and David Underwood 2006, Yerkir Publishing. ISBN 1411698659 Food is the portal to Armenia’s past and present-day culture. This culinary journey across the land called Hayastan presents the rich history, wondrous legends, and fact-filled stories of Armenian cuisine.

Simply Armenian: Naturally Healthy Ethnic Cooking Made Easy, by Barbara Ghazarian 2004, Mayreni Publishing. ISBN 1931834067 Firmly rooted in the cuisine while modernizing some dishes to make them lighter and less caloric. The book encompasses 150 dishes from peasant fare to banquet dishes.

Adventures in Armenian Cooking; On-line 200 Free Recipes

Armenian Food: Fact, Fiction & Folklore; Irina Petrosian and David Underwood; The 272-page book, presented as `Hayastan's first modern food guide written in English,' is not a recount of `how' but a fresh look at `why'.

Classic Armenian Recipes: Cooking Without Meat; Alice Antreassian, Mariam Jebejian; ISBN 0935102051

The 40 Days of Lent: Selected Armenian Recipes; Alice Antreassian; ISBN 0935102167

The Art of Armenian Cooking; Rose Baboian; ISBN0385034830

The Russian Cookbook; Recipes from Armenia, Azerbaidzhan, Belorussia, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Turkestan, and the Ukraine; Barbara Makanowitzky; ISBN 0689102143

The Armenian Cookbook ISBN 0689103875

Cuisine of Armenia; Sonia Uvezian ISBN 0781804175

Complete Armenia Cookbook; Vezjian; ISBN 0915033003

Ethnic Cookbooks and Food Marketplace: A Complete Bibliographic Guide & Directory to Armenian, Iranian, Afghan, Israeli Middle Eastern, North Africa; Hamo B. Vassilian ISBN 0931539064

Ethnic Cuisines: A Comprehensive Bibliography in the English Language : Includes Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Cyprus, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Israel; Hamo B. Vassilian ISBN 0931539137

Armenian Cooking; Alice Antreassian; ISBN 0934728208

Secrets of Cooking: Armenian/Lebanese/Persian; Linda Chirinian; ISBN 096170330X

Russian Regional Recipes : Classic Dishes from Moscow and St. Petersburg; The Russian Federation and Moldova; The Baltic States; Georgia, Armenia and; Susan Ward; ISBN 1555219055

Armenian American Cook Book; Rose Baboian; ISBN 9993580309