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Chaldean Video

Chaldean people videos of our experiences with the world and with our native land of Mesopotamia Beth Nahrian. We invite you to join us with our pleasure and sadness. "Thank you and God bless you"

Featured Videos

I am Chaldean from Mesopotamia Beth Nahrain

Beautiful Chaldeans of Iraq (Mesopotamia Beth Nahrain)

Bishop Mar Franscis Message to USA President

Lord Jesus Story in Chaldean Language

Chaldean History Videos

Bishop Ibrahim Speech 2013

Chaldeans Identity

Chaldeans History

Chaldeans of Babylon Film

Chaldean Empire 625 - 539 BC

Tower of Babel during Chaldean Empire

Chaldean Empire At The British Museum

Chaldean Music and Dance Videos

Chaldean Dance by USA Chaldean Youth

Shekhane by Issam Arabo

Ana Sorayah by Safa Yousif

Khigga by Munadhel Tomika

Chaldean Comedy Videos

Samer Reta Funny Clip #1

Samer Reta Funny Clip #2

Chaldean Comedy Play 2013

My Wife is the BOSS 2002

Myseebek Ela Naseebek Part 1

Myseebek Ela Naseebek Part 2

Chaldean Immigration Videos

Chaldeans in America

The Living Years

Chaldean Activists Videos

Deacon Keith Esshaki Bible Study

Chaldeans March for LIFE

Chaldean Hymn with Musician Omar Binno and Razan Ramzi

Chaldean Language Videos

Bishop Sarhad Jammo Lesson #1

Bishop Hanna Zora Lesson #1

Bishop Hanna Zora Lesson #2

نبذة مختصرة عن اللغة الكلدانية ألقها الأب أركان حنا حكيم

Chaldeans of Kerala, India Videos

Chaldean Connection to Kerala

Chaldeans of Kerala Playing Football

Chaldeans of Kerala Prayers

Chaldean Church of Kerala Ordination