Doğançay, Mardin

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Doğançay (Syriac: ܡܙܝܙܚ Mzizah or Mizizah, Kurdish: Mizîzex ) is a Syriac village in the Midyat district of Mardin Province, south-eastern Turkey. Mizizah is located in the Tur Abdin region. In 2011 there was 180 people. In 1961, the name of the town was officially changed to Doğançay.

In Mzizah, there is the Jacobite Monastery of Mor Yuhannon (St. John),[1] dedicated to St. John of Kfone. St John of Kfone, who was born in Athens, acted as a disciple of Mar Awgin in the Tur Abdin region at the end of the fourth century through to the beginning of the fifth century. It is believed he is buried in the village of Kfone near Zaz.

1870: 16 families
1915: 70 families
1960: 90 families
1970: 212 families
1978: 78 families
1979: 75 families
1980: 42 families
1985: 37 families
1987: 35 families
2006: 6 families
2007: 7 families
2008: 6 families

Coordinates: 37°22′19″N 41°26′53″E / 37.372°N 41.448°E / 37.372; 41.448{{#coordinates:37.372|N|41.448|E|type:city_region:TR_source:GNS-enwiki|||| |primary |name= }}


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