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Eliya XIV [XIII] Abulyonan
Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans
Church Chaldean Catholic Church
See Babylon of the Chaldeans
Installed July 26, 1878
Term ended June 27, 1894
Predecessor Joseph Audo
Successor Audishu V Khayyath
Ordination 1865 (Priest)
Consecration May 24, 1874 (Bishop)
by Joseph Audo
Personal details
Birth name Eliya Peter Abulyonan
Born 1840
Died June 27, 1894 (aged 53–54)
Residence Iraq

Mar Eliya XIV [XIII] Abulyonan † (or Abolionan) was the Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church from 1878 to 1894.


Eliya Peter Abulyonan was born in 1840 in Mosul to an Assyrian family. He studied three years in the College of the Propaganda in Rome and was ordained priest in 1865. On May 24, 1874, in Alqosh, he was ordained bishop of Gazireh by Patriarch Joseph Audo. He was appointed Patriarch of the Chaldean Church on July 26, 1878 and confirmed by the pope on February 28, 1879.

During his patriarchate he spare no effort to improve the relations both with the Holy See and within the Chaldean Church, after the eventful reign of his predecessor Joseph Audo. He died in Mosul at the age of 54 on June 27, 1894.

The ordinal number of his title is sometime XIV, sometime XIII, while among scholars Eliya XII is often preferred. This is due to the uncertain list of the Patriarchal line of Alqosh in the 16th and 17th century.[1]


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Preceded by
Joseph VI Audo
Patriarch of Babylon
of the Chaldean Catholic Church

Succeeded by
Audishu V Khayyath
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