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  • == Geography == [[Category:Chaldean settlements]]
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  • ...of_Mesopotamia_Iraq,_Syria,_Iran_and_Turkey_2015-05-06_00-11.jpg|thumbnail|Chaldean People of Mesopotamia Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey]] ...entity Problem: by Shak Hanish</ref
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  • ...ccessdate=2013-08-13}}</ref> who live alongside minorities of [[Kurds]], [[Chaldean people|Chaldeans]], and [[Armenians]].<ref name=":0">{{cite web|url=http:// ...aign]] during [[World War I]] and the [[Armenian Genocide|Armenian]] and [[Chaldean Genocide]]s.
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  • ...''', is a remnant city of the last [[Chaldean Empire]]. The remains of the Chaldean city are situated on the western bank of the river [[Tigris]], north of the ...als in the ancient city and was not ever recognized as anything else. The Chaldean Babylonian [[Marduk]] ways ruled as supreme god of all of [[Mesopotamia|Mes
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  • '''Alqōsh''' , ({{lang-syr|ܐܠܩܘܫ}}, {{lang-ar|ألقوش}}) is a Chaldean town in northern [[Iraq]]. It is located (50&nbsp;km) north of [[Mosul]]. ...plateau known for its fertile soil and extends southward across the other Chaldean towns, such as, Telassqopa ([[Tel Skuf]]), [[Baqofah]], [[Sharafiya]], [[Ba
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  • |population_note = Including some 15,000 Chaldean refugees from other Iraqi cities of [[Erbil]] amid agricultural lands, close to the ruins of the ancient Chaldean cities [[Nimrud]] and [[Nineveh]]. It is connected to the main city of Mosu
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  • such as Piotr Michalowski and Gerd Steiner, contest the idea of a Proto-Chaldean language or one substrate language. It has been suggested by them and othe ...lso remained in use. The Sumerian city of [[Eridu]], on the coast of the [[Chaldean Gulf]], was the world's first city, where three separate cultures fused...
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  • ...an_Cultural_Center,_Dehok,_Mesopotamia_Iraq_2015-06-21_10-57.jpg|thumbnail|Chaldean Cultural Center, Dehok, Mesopotamia Iraq]]]]; however, the Babylonian empire rapidly fell apart after the death of Chaldean king Hammurabi.
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  • [[File:Chaldean_King_Sargon_of_Akkad_2015-05-22_08-14.jpg|thumbnail|Chaldean King Sargon of Akkad]] ...ian is divided into several [[variety (linguistics)|varieties]] based on [[geography]] and [[historical period]]:<ref>Caplice, p.5 (1980)</ref>
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