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Kurdish: ‘Eyn Sifnî
Ba'adra is located in Iraq
Location in Iraq

Coordinates: 36°43′05″N 43°15′15″E / 36.71806°N 43.25417°E / 36.71806; 43.25417Coordinates: 36°43′05″N 43°15′15″E / 36.71806°N 43.25417°E / 36.71806; 43.25417{{#coordinates:36|43|05|N|43|15|15|E|type:city_region:IQ=NI |primary |name=

Country Iraq
Governorate Nineveh
District Shekhan
 • Mayor Shamal M. Adeeb[1]

Ba'adra, also rendered Baadre,Badra and Bathra, (Arabic: باعدرة/باعذرة‎, Syriac: ܒܝܬ ܥܕܪܐ), is an historically Assyrian town located in the Shekhan District of the Ninawa Governorate in northern Iraq. Ba'adra's residents are mostly Kurds (Yezidies)with a small Assyrian minority and is considered the political capital of the Yazidis[1] as it has been the base of the ethnic-regilous group's leader, the Mir.[2]

The town and the surrounding villages were demolished and later recolonised by Arabs during the late 1960s. Most of Arabs, however, returned to their original settlements after 2003.Template:Cite needed

The town and the 10 nearby villages took in 2,028 additional displaced families totaling 12,115 people due to the Yazidi fleeing the Sinjar massacre.[1]


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