Shekhan District

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Nation  Iraq
Governorate Nineveh
founded Template:Dts
Seat Ain Sifni
 • Total Template:Infobox settlement/areadisp
Population (2003)WFP program estimation[1]
 • Total 90,590
Time zone AST (UTC+3)

The Shekhan District is a district in the Nineveh governorate of Iraq with its capital at Ain Sifni.[1]

It is bordered by the Amadiya and Dahuk Districts of the Dahuk Governorate to the north, the Akre district to the east, Al-Hamdaniya District to the south, and the Tel Kaif District to the west.


The Shekhan District was formed on December 16, 1924.[1] After the 1935 Yazidi revolt, the district was place under military control.[2][3]

After 1991 the Kurds controlled the northern part of the district. And although unified after 2003 the northern part is still under direct control of the Kurdish Regional Government


Template:US Census population

It is mainly populated by Assyrians and as one of two major population center of the Yazidis (some times catagorized as Kurdish).[4]


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